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Still on a Daft Punk front, here’s their return to live perfomance with a suprise appearance alongside Phoenix. Despite the shoddy quality, this is awesome stuff. 

Third Twin

I was informed today by my brother that there was supposedly a selection of leaked Daft Punk tunes rejected from the Tron soundtrack floating about on Youtube. And there was, under the name Third Twin. Who were these mysterious masked men? As soon as I got home from work I fired up the laptop, and reviewed these potential masterpieces.


After a bit of research (and I mean a bit, as there seems to be virtually nothing about Third Twin on the internet) I decided that this was either a shoddy hoax, or just some chancers tagging along on Daft Punk’s coat-tails.

Upon further listening though, I found that you can actually hear bits of Daft Punk’s work if you listen hard enough. Here’s ‘Technolers’ for example, and listen at the 1:12 mark for a slightly wonky rendition of Aerodynamic.

And here’s ‘Empty Fire’, with the stop start pulse of Harder Better… at the 0:54 mark.

And finally, here’s ‘Evil Minds’ starting with Veridis Quo and moving swiftly back into Harder Better… again.

I really can’t see that this is Daft Punk, rejected or not. The layering is wrong, the samples are diabolical, the imagination isn’t there and these efforts sound nothing like the official first song from the TRON soundtrack, Derezzed. Add to that the references to existing material, and I personally think it’s just some shady geezers trying to jump on the bandwagon. Anyway, when Daft Punk mix up their old stuff, it’s awesome, right?

My new favourite best thing ever. It hasn’t got a video, of course.

Skateboards, hip hop, MGMT and MASSIVE HEADS.


No Good

Where I work, the radio station of choice is Smooth FM, a radio station almost exclusively designed to make old men reminisce and make young men suicidal. 24 hours a day of Smashy and Nicey style DJs with a back catalogue of Rod fucking Stewart and A Whiter Shade of Pale at least 3 times an hour.

Lately, the recent revival of ‘big band’ singers (Winehouse, Buble and to a lesser extent Williams) has caused Smooth to buck the trend and start playing this recent, but stylistically quite old music. One of the songs of this ilk is ‘She Said’ by Plan B. It goes like this, but has all of the rap bits cut out, and one of the verses repeated to extend it a bit.

This is all well and good, it’s nice to see a young musician opening up other revenue streams, and it’s also good to see the major radio stations taking a (small, admittedly) risk for their stuck in the mud listeners looking for something new, but not too new.

There is, of course, one little problem with this. This is Plan B’s second album, he released a slightly less ‘big band’ CD called ‘Who Needs Actions When You’ve Got Words’. It was basically a British version of Eminem, but without the social niceties. One of the songs (I say songs, but they’re more like tourettes rants set to music) begins thus:

I’ll stab you in the eye, yo, 
With a fucking biro 
The same fucking biro you just used to sign your giro, 
You fucking wino 
Don’t fucking cross my line, yo,
I’ll hit you so hard your arse will hit the floor in Cairo.

It would be brilliant then, should one of the Smooth FM mob venture into HMV one day looking for the Plan B album - he’s such a classy singer - and notice that hey, he’s already got an album out! I’ll have to get that. And put it on in the car on the way home with Ethel. Altogether now!

What things have you seen that have been watered down for public consumption lately, readers?

(My) Albums of the Year

These are my favourite albums of the year. You will invariably disagree. If you do, I care not for your opinion, as you are an ass. Spotify links included where available, of course.

Honorary mentions:

Abbey Road (reissue)  - The Beatles; Paul’s Boutique (reissue) - Beastie Boys; Album - Girls; Kings and Queens - Jamie T;

The ‘five’:

5. Bromst - Dan Deacon

A man goes beserk with a selection of electronic instruments, and you can never tell what’s coming next. That’s because nobody knows. Packed full of surprise and invention, and noises that make your ears prick up and the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.

4. Tarot Sport - Fuck Buttons

No Spotify, sorry! The follow up to my favourite album of 08, and it removed the worst bits of that one (the screaming and wailing) and replaced with a more dance oriented flavour, helped along by Andrew Weatherall’s production skills. More of the same, but much, much better.

3. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Phoenix

I’ve loved Phoenix for a long time, but this is where it all came together, at last. Guitar and synth rock with a lazy French touch. Like the Strokes ‘Is This It?’, but with cheap fags and cognac.

2. Where were U in ‘92? - Zomby

Oh Jesus, how did I miss this? It’s been out for ages, and it somehow succeeds in sending me back 17 years, to the heady days of double chemistry, poorly recorded ‘Fantazia’ bootleg tapes, listening to the Prodigy through one half of a headphone and being YOUNG again. Only a shoddy dubstep bit stopped it from top spot.

1. XX - The XX

A couple flirt across an empty room. Just beautiful. It sounds great loud, but is a totally different record when quiet. The way they use the silence, the emptiness as an instrument in itself is incredible. I must have listened to this a thousand times in the last two months alone, and I’m still to tire of it.

Friday night is old skool night, and this was 15 (count ‘em), fif-teen years ago. Oh, Oasis, where did it all go wrong?

New favourite band ever The XX take the so-so version of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ by Florence and the Machine, and improve it, by shoving ginger squealer Florence to one side and doing it mostly themselves. Magnificent.

Old Skool Friday. It doesn’t have to be dance music, you know?